Integration and education for European Citizenship

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Project description:

The aim of the project is primarily on the one hand, the acquisition of key competences by volunteers, including the ability to associate and work in an international environment, on the other hand to produce in the local community a positive attitude towards cultural diversity and integration of migrants. These objectives will be achieved through the following actions:

  • Organization of integration events and cultural events for the local community, including migrants. Volunteers will be responsible for the organization of events, promoting the culture of individual countries and also European values such as tolerance, human rights and civil society.
  • Conducting foreign language lessons, both for migrants and for the local community, in order to counteract social and cultural marginalization of migrants.
  • Implementation of the volunteers own projects, initiatives and ideas. These activities are aimed at the acquisition of key competences by volunteers, such as:
    - The ability to associate and work with people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries, a positive attitude toward cultural diversity.
    - Encourage creativity, the use of art and entertainment in integrating intercultural community
    - Ability to manage projects
    - The ability to recasting ideas into action
This will be achieved through non-formal learning.

Project duration:

11 January 2016 to 11 January 2017 (but it can also finish before Christmas in December 2016).



3 volunteers, 1 from Germany, 1 from Spain and 1 from France



Project is placed in Warsaw but some activities will also be organized in Konstancin Jeziorna (40 minutes from center of Warsaw).



3 Volunteers will live in 3 rooms apartment (3 separated rooms) in new building located near Wilanowska metro station. It is nice flat located 10 minutes from Center of Warsaw (by underground), 25 minutes from office and 30 minutes (by bus) from Konstancin Jeziorna.



Volunteers will receive pocket money - 85 euro/month and 190 euro per month for food and transport


Volunteers will also support foundations in current project of foundation in 2016:

  • "Youth about Warsaw". In January 2016 we will organize a film workshops for about 30 young people, who took part in our competition for best scenario for a short film about Warsaw (about 250 young people have send us their ideas). In April/May we will choose 3 best ideas and we will make 3 short (up to 3 minutes) promotion movies about Warsaw with famous Polish actors (based on 3 best scenarios).
  • "Women in the industry" project for 30 women from Ukraine. We provide:
    - Career counseling 10 hours / person (during the counseling should be developed application documents, an action plan + job search assistance during the project)
    - The Polish language course: 30 hours of classes per 6-person group
    - Workshop about learning how to effectively search for jobs
    - Classes computer with the software applications used in office work (elements Excel and MS Word, PowerPoint, Prezi, tools Google - calendar, drive, redox, facebook, twitter channel on YT, manage the web site creating multimedia CV)
  • Creative workshops for children age 2-13

We look for motivated people age 18-30

interested in long term (12 months) EVS in Poland!

More movies about what we do:


Events for children and youth in Arkadia - biggest shoping mall in Warsaw"


Current project - film about Warsaw, below a link to street survey, this nice lady who ask questions about Warsaw is famous Polish actress, who also take part in the project


Film about Poland, project was financed form Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (making of)

We will probably continue this project from March.


Many projects for migrants (trainings, integration events etc)

Documentary film about migrants from different countries who live in Poland and took part in our project.


Supporting young entrepreneurs - Visit of HRH Prince of Wales in Warsaw

(after 1st minute)

Contact person: KAMILA KASZKIEL tel.: +48 503 012 957 | e-mail: